Thursday, September 10, 2020


     I had been asleep for an hour or two when I woke up to R grabbing my ankles and pulling me to the foot of the bed. I had been sleeping on my tummy, and I wasn’t in deep sleep, but I was still kind of groggy. Before I knew what was happening, he had both my ankles cuffed tightly, and I was attached to the bed frame face-down. Neither of us said anything, but I yawned and stretched and had a big smile on my face for something I knew was coming. 
     He grabbed my hips and pulled them up and back so my ass was in the air. He quickly stuffed a pillow under my tummy to keep my ass up, and so I couldn’t wiggle away. He came up behind me on his knees on the bed and pulled my panties up into a wedgie and held me there. I was glad I chose the panties I did. They were tight, blue lace and cut high in the back. I could almost hear him smiling. I was already so wet.  
     I propped myself up on my hands. He pulled my shirt off over my head and reached around to squeeze my breasts. He squeezed them, pushing them together, then pinched my nipples inside my bra, letting my breasts spill out over the top. He had my bra unhooked and off within a few seconds. I could feel his skin on my back and on the back of my thighs. He was already undressed. 
     He grabbed my breasts again and squeezed my nipples, hard. I moaned. I could feel his rock hard cock against the bottom of my ass. 
   My hair was in a braid and he jerked my head up to whisper in my ear, pausing after each word, you are so fucking hot. I smiled as he pulled harder on my hair with one hand and squeezed one of my breasts and my nipple with the other. 
     He pulled my panties up tight into a wedgie again and moved around beside me.  He kept one hand on my braid, keeping my head back.  He pushed my upper body down, holding me in place.  There was no way I could move. 
     He spanked me with his other hand.  He spanked me hard. Much harder than a warmup. I moaned. I had been wanting a spanking so badly. I wanted it harder and faster, and he gave it to me just that way without my saying a word. Every part of my ass lit up. Hot. It felt so good and hurt so much. 
   I was starting to flinch away with each swat, I couldn’t help it, but I didn’t want him to stop. He didn’t stop. He hit me harder, spanking my clit, my inner thighs, and my favorite spot where my ass and my upper thighs meet. I had to bury my face in the pillow to keep from making too much noise crying out. 
   He stopped for a moment, which was a partial relief but partial disappointment. I heard him getting something out of his drawer. I wanted to see what it was, but bedroom was dark. I was so overwhelmed by the intensity of everything I didn’t think I could move. And I couldn’t have seen what it was even if I’d turned around. 
     I was still on my knees with my arms stretched out in front of me, holding on to the bed frame, so wet with anticipation of what could come next. 
      I didn’t need to see it. I felt a sharp sting on my ass. It was the wooden hairbrush. Fuck, it hurt. It was a big brush, solid wood. That brush was probably the most stingy implement we had.  I remember when he bought it for me. He had the cutest, most devilish grin when I brought it home.  This was only the second time he had used it on me. 
     I kept my face buried in the pillow crying out with each stroke. I didn’t want him to stop, but I couldn’t help but flinch away every time, starting with the first stroke of the hairbrush. He didn’t ease up on the intensity at all, holding me in place when I tried to move away. 
     Then he stopped for just a moment and yanked my braid to pull my head up to look at my face. I had my eyes closed, but I slowly opened them. He looked at me barely raising his eyebrows, but an almost expressionless face and said, L?  He had no sympathy or emotion in his eyes, and he didn’t say anything else, but I knew what he was asking. I have a safe word, but he wanted to check in since I had been trying to get away from the spanking but he had been holding me down.  I couldn’t come up with any words, so I just nodded and looked at him in a way I hoped he heard, please don’t stop, I thought. He knew exactly what  I meant.  
    He spanked me with the hairbrush for a few more minutes, hitting every spot on my ass which was completely on fire.  It was a new level of pain. When he stopped, I was relieved. I can usually take more, but not that night. It was my limit, and now I wanted him to fuck me so badly. Please, I whispered. 
     He came up behind me and grabbed my hips. He rammed into me so fast and so easily. I was very wet. He held me by the hips so he could slam into me each time. He was rock hard, and he felt so good. So deep and so fast. I kept my hips pushed back to take all of him. I had already had at least two orgasms when he came inside me. He collapsed on top of me and we laid there panting until we were both almost asleep. 
    When he climbed off and unlocked my ankles, he helped me off the bed.  We both smiled when we looked at each other, and we both said ‘fuck’ at the same time. We laughed and hugged each other until we crawled back in bed.  He fell asleep first because within a minute or two he was snoring. I think I fell asleep smiling. Fuck. 

Thursday, July 9, 2020

I’m surprised I am only 53% masochist because I love pain. 
And I’m surprised I’m 57% nonmonogamist because I’ve never cheated on my husband. 
I’m surprised I’m 39% vanilla because I don’t feel vanilla at all. I feel neopolitan. 
I would like to be 51% brat, but I think it would irritate my husband rather than elicit a fun or sexy funishment response. 
I am definitely not a switch. Agreed. 

== Results from == 
98% Rope bunny 
91% Submissive 
60% Primal (Prey) 
57% Non-monogamist 
53% Masochist 
51% Brat 
42% Voyeur 
41% Slave 
39% Vanilla 
25% Experimentalist 
16% Exhibitionist 
11% Degradee 
3% Pet 
2% Primal (Hunter) 
1% Brat tamer 
1% Boy/Girl 
1% Daddy/Mommy 
0% Ageplayer 
0% Rigger 
0% Dominant 
0% Degrader 
0% Owner 
0% Master/Mistress 
0% Sadist 
0% Switch 

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Rough Week

I had been having a rough week.  One of our cats had been missing for nearly 7 days.  I found her under the house by chance and was able to trap her, but it had stressed me and everyone else out. And I had somehow forgotten to take my medications for my depression for the past two days.  I had been wanting, but now I really needed a very hard spanking.  

We couldn’t seem to find any time to hook up at night, so I cornered B after dinner and said meet me upstairs in 5 minutes.  I giggled and squeezed his ass.  I said I need a very hard spanking, and I need your cock inside my mouth and/or my vagina.  He smiled.  OK, he said.

I grabbed some sexier clothes than what I had on.  I ran upstairs, took off all my clothes, and put on some peach colored panties.  They had a bit of lace, but were mostly plain, cut low in the front, low in the back, and cut smaller on the sides so my ass stuck out a little on each side in the back.  I got a lacy bra, a see-through tank top, and a very short  blue velvety mini skirt I had planned to never wear out of the house, or even the bedroom.  It was soft and very short.  If I bent over even a little, my ass popped out of the back.  

I could not fucking wait for him to come upstairs.  He knocked and opened the door.  I smiled and went to hug him.  He hugged me back then grabbed me by my ponytail so hard I had to stand on my tip toes.  Yes, please, I thought.  He ran his hands up and down my body, over my breasts, my ass, in between my legs, with his other hand.   He stuck his hand over the top of my bra grab to grab my nipple.  He pinched it, hard. It hurt, but it felt so good.

Nice, he said.  He turned me around and pushed me against the wall, still holding my ponytail tight, up in the air so I had to follow.  He lifted my skirt and didn’t waste any time getting to the very hard spanking.  No warmup, just smack with his hand.  I moaned.  I needed this spanking so badly.  He took off my skirt and It hurt, and it felt so good.  

He kept spanking me, pulling my panties up tight into the crack.  I almost had to try to get away because it hurt a fucking lot.  But I didn’t want to get away.  I wanted more.  I was moaning and sticking out my ass for him to spank, harder and harder, more and more.  He let go of me for a second and opened the drawer.  What are you looking for, I asked.  This, he said, and pulled out my giant hairbrush.

Hm, I smiled.  I had never been spanked with that hairbrush before. I was already so wet and so ready to be fucked, but when he got out the hairbrush, my stomach did a little somersault, and I got even wetter.  He grabbed me by the back of the neck and pushed me down to bend over the bathtub.  

He took off my skirt and pulled it down to my ankles.  He pushed my head and neck down so I was bent over the bathtub.  He started spanking me with the hairbrush.  Fuck, that hurt.  I tried to squirm away a little, and he held me around my waist so I couldn’t move.  He spanked me with the hairbrush all over my ass, down the back of my thighs, in between my legs, and on my favorite spot, the spot where my ass and my legs meet.  My ass was burning. I was about to cry out and he pulled my ponytail to come up to kneeling then let me pull down his pants to reveal his very hard cock.  

I put as much as I could get of him into my mouth.  I was so hungry for him.  He pushed my head back and forth by my ponytail and the back of my neck.  I was holding him with one hand and had my other hand on his ass.  He let me take all of him into my mouth.  Then he pulled out of my mouth and pushed me down on all fours.  

I wanted him inside me so badly. I was so wet, he went right inside me. Deep.  He held my hips and slammed into me while I tried to get him deeper inside me.  He fucked me hard and I wanted it to be harder and harder.  We were going faster and harder til we both came.  I tried not to make any noise, but I couldn’t help it. I cried out.  It felt so good I almost wanted to do it again. But I also felt like it was exactly what I had needed for at least a couple of weeks.

I looked at my ass in the mirror after B left.  There were some bright red streaks from the hairbrush, but my entire ass was bright pink, still hot from the spanking.  I took a picture so I could look at it later to remember how hot it was.  Very fucking hot.  Made everything better.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Home Early

     B surprised me and came home in the middle of the day. I’ve always felt especially delighted to see him when I don’t expect to. 

     We go to the same dentist, and once we each had an appointment the other one didn’t know about. We saw each other in passing in the waiting room. He gave me such a look of pleasant surprise, and I did the same. 

     So the sound of his unlocking the door got me excited to see him. Hey babe, I said, I went up to give him a hug and a kiss. He looked pissed.  What’s up, I asked. I must have looked worried. Oh, these idiots at work. I had to take a break, he said.  

     He still hadn’t really hugged me back, so I started to let go and turn around. I could hear him take a deep breath, and he grabbed me by the back of my neck. Not so fast he said. He held my neck and grabbed the top of my arm, squeezing it tight, and led me into the bedroom. 

     He pushed me hard down onto the bed on my back. Doesn’t mean I’m not glad to see you, he grinned. I smiled back. 

     He dove on top of me, pinned my arms above my head, and jammed his knee in between my legs to grind my clit. He kissed me and bit my neck. He kept my arms pinned with one of his hands and used the other hand to lift up my shirt. He unhooked my bra and kissed my breasts. I arched my back to meet his mouth. He kissed and bit my breasts and my nipples. I was getting so hot and wet.

     He let my arms go, and I started to sit up. Not so fast, he said. He flipped me over and grabbed me by my shorts and pulled them off. Then he took my panties and pulled them up like a thong. I laughed. He slapped my ass. What’s funny, he asked.  I giggled. You gave me a wedgie. He slapped my ass again. And what are you going to do about it, he asked.  Nothing, I said and giggled. 

     He pulled me up by my hips so I was on all fours, then he ripped off my panties. I looked back to see him taking off his shirt and unbuckling his belt. We grinned at each other.

      You know what would make me feel better, he asked. What, I smiled. Spanking you with my belt and fucking you in the ass. I felt a spark go to down to my clit. I smiled. I think that would make me feel better too. He chuckled. 

      He pulled my hips up and knelt behind me. He spread my legs wider with his knee then pushed my neck down into the bed. L, I’m really pissed, so say stop if I’m too rough. Ok I said, my face muffled in the bed covers. 

     I knew I would not ask him to stop, no matter what, but I could tell he was serious because he started hitting me harder and faster than he usually did. He had the belt doubled in his hand right away instead of starting with just one end of it. My ass was on fire in just a few blows. I moaned. L?  He asked. I nodded. 

     He kept hitting me with the belt. He hit me hard and fast, and I was getting so wet and so hot for him. I wanted it exactly like this, and I didn’t want him to stop even though it burned. He held my head and my neck down tight. I tried not to cry out or try to get away, but I wanted to because it hurt.. He pulled my hair to lift my head to look up at him. I smiled. 

     He got behind me and I could feel his hand rubbing almond oil on my ass. Hot, he said. I moaned. He moved his finger in and out of me. Then into my vagina, one finger then, two, then three. He fucked me with his fingers until I came. I cried out. Do you know what I’m going to do now, he asked. I’m going to fuck you in the ass, he said. Please, I whispered.

     He rammed his cock into me. I cried out. He pulled my head back with my hair to hold me still. I moaned. It hurt, and it felt good once he was deep inside. He held my hair with one hand and my hips with the other so he could push himself into me and pull me onto him. I cried out again, fuck! He kept ramming into me and slamming my hips down onto him. He moaned loudly and came inside me. He collapsed on top of me. We were both panting. 

     Then almost immediately I felt so calm and safe. You know what, I asked him. What, he said. I was really wishing you would come home today and spank the shit out of me, but I thought I was just dreaming. I needed it, I said. You’re welcome, he said. I laughed. I love you, he said. I love you, too. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Old Friends

I got home early from work on Friday afternoon.  I was hungry and decided to walk down to the corner market.  I had already taken off my work clothes and put on something flirty, just because.  A short skirt, some white cotton panties, not a thong, and not the school-girl kind, somewhere in between.  I took off my bra, and put on a tank top.  It was not too hot, and not too cold outside, but I guessed you could see my nipples when a breeze hit me.

I was picking out apples in the produce section, and I saw a hottie out of the corner of my eye.  He had his back to me, so I could totally check him out.  Athletic build, simply dressed,amazing ass, beautiful shoulders and arms. Yum.  He looked like he was about to turn around, so I looked up to catch his eye.

L! He said.  I smiled a big smile.  E, I haven't seen you in forever!  Did you move to the NW, I asked.  Yeah about a year ago, he said.  How about you, he asked?  A year and a half ago, I said.

I knew E from the art scene on the east coast when we were in college.  I had always wanted to make out with him, and we often flirted when we ran into each other at various gatherings, but I had never really gotten to hang out with him for more than a few minutes here and there.

What are you up to this evening, E asked.  Oh, you know just planning an apple bobbing contest, I said, looking down at the apples in my shopping cart.  He laughed.  You always made me laugh, L.  I was embarrassed, because he always made me nervous and say something stupid because he was so fucking hot.  

Do you want to get some coffee, he asked, I mean after your contest.  I smiled.  Sure, I live right around the corner, we could go to my place for “free” coffee.  I mean, it’s free to me because I stole it from work, I said.  Joking, I said.  He laughed again.  Again, I felt like a goofball.

We walked over to my apartment talking about those days, 20 years ago.  I always had a crush on you, L, he said.  I think my jaw dropped open.  Seriously, he said.  You were a hottie.  You still are, L.  He looked me up and down.  I giggled.

I unlocked the door to my apartment, and he held the door open for me.  Ha, I said, you were always a gentleman.  Not always, he smiled.  I felt my clit tingle.  Geez, he is hot, and I am such a horny teenager.

I showed him around.  My apartment was small, a living room and kitchen and my bedroom off to the side.  The best part was the bathroom.  It had been remodeled and had an enormous, clawfoot bathtub.  

Nice place, he said.  Thank you, I said.  And by the way, it was I who had a crush on you, I smiled.  But you were too scared to ask out a black man, he laughed.  Well, yeah I said because I figured you’d be more than I could handle.  He cracked up, and I giggled.  

Would you like some coffee, I asked.  Sure, he said, black.  I laughed.  Just kidding, do you have milk, he asked.  Yes, heavy cream, in fact, I said.  That sounds perfect.  It was fun to tease each other.  I liked his flirty vibe.

He sat on my couch, which was technically a loveseat.  This is cozy, he said.  Yeah, petite, but adorable, I said.  Like you, he said.  I giggled again.  I gave him his coffee and sat down next to him.

So, you had a crush on me, huh, L?  Yeah, I thought you were so cool and sexy and way out of my league, I said.  He laughed.  That’s hilarious, he said.  Oh yeah? I said.   Because I thought the same thing about you, he said.  Well, it’s a good thing I was stocking up on apples today, huh, I said.  Sure is, he said.

He turned towards me and reached up to grab the side of my face and pulled me in to kiss him.  His lips were so soft, and he stuck his tongue deep in my mouth.  Holy shit.  I was getting wet already.  His tongue felt strong.  He was confident, and he had every reason to be.

He turned towards me and grabbed the back of my neck with the his other. hand.  The more aggressive he got, the more turned on I was.  L, I have wanted to do that for a long time, he said.  Yeah, was the only thing I could manage to get out.  He smiled.

Could I use your restroom, he asked.  Sure, over there, I pointed to the open door.  

I was glad I had decided to wear my cute tank top and cute panties.  I hoped he would lift up my skirt to see them.

He opened the door to the bathroom.  Come here, he said.  I stood up and walked over.  He grabbed my hips and pulled me close into him.  He kissed me again, this time with more force.  He ran his hands down my ass and back up, starting to lift up my skirt.  Yum, I thought.

Damn, L, if you weren’t as white as that cream, I’d say this ass didn’t belong to a white girl.  I laughed.  I had my hands on his shoulders and moved them around his back and down to his ass.  Same, I said.  He laughed,  He turned us around 180° and pushed me backwards into the bathroom.  He was holding my neck with one hand and his other hand in the small of my back.  I could feel his cock getting hard as he pressed up against me.  I was getting wetter.

I reached down for his cock.  Not so fast, he said, as he grabbed my arm and turned me around, putting my arm behind my back.  I grinned.  OK, I said.  He took my other arm and put it behind my back.  L, have you ever been spanked over this bathtub?  

No, but I just moved into this place a month and a half ago, I said.  He laughed.  Do you want to be spanked over this bathtub, he asked.  Yes, please, I said.  He laughed again.  He took my arms and pinned them behind my back and bent me over the tub.  He lifted up my skirt and rubbed my ass, running his fingers along the sides of my panties in the front and the back.  He ran his hands in between and on the back of my thighs, then along the couple of inches of fabric that ran up the middle of my panties.  He moved my legs apart further with his hand.  He pushed my back down so my back was arched and my legs were straight.  He had big hands, and I could not wait for him to spank me with them.

I wouldn’t say he started off hard, but it definitely stung.  It felt like he could cover an entire side with each slap.  He knew exactly where to hit me, in between the top of my legs and the bottom of my ass.  Every few slaps, up in between my legs.  While he held me down over the bathtub with his hip and spanked me with his hand, I heard him unbuckling his belt.  I was so wet.

He took off his belt and lifted me up and started to tie my wrists together with it.  I was so hot for him.  I have some “toys” in my bedroom if you’re interested, I smiled.  I led him into my bedroom while he held my wrists together.  I opened the drawer.  Damn, L.  This is quite a collection.  Have you used all these?  Yeah, LOTS of times.  We laughed.

He let my wrists go just long enough to pull my tank top up over my head.  He cupped my breasts with his hands and squeezed them, then pinched my nipples. Nice, he said. He ran his hands down my waist and pulled my skirt down around my ankles.  He slowly pulled down my panties, running his hand in between my legs, feeling how wet I was.  

I guess you liked that spanking, he asked.  I nodded, smiling.  He put the belt around my wrists and tied them together, pulling the buckle tight.  He took a paddle out of my drawer.  It was a bigger one, and I was excited about his choice.  He held my wrists and led me to the bed.  Up, he said.  I climbed up on the bed.  Get on your knees.  I did, and my arms were straight, holding me up.  He got on the bed and pushed my head and upper back down and my arms stretched out in front of me.  

He took my hair, which was in a messy bun, in his fist.  He whispered in my ear, you need a paddling, don’t you, L.  Yes, I said.  If I go too far, you’ll let me know.  Yes, I said, but you won’t. 

He stayed beside me on the bed pushing my upper body down and keeping my ass up.  He started paddling me.  It hurt.  More than the spanking, but it felt good.  I was very warm from the spanking, so he could hit me hard with the paddle.  You have been a bad girl since I saw you last, haven’t you, L, he said.  Yes, I said.  It’s a good thing I ran into you, then, right, L.

So, I could give you what you deserve.  Yes, I said.  Please, I said.  More, I thought.

He paddled me for a long time, right up to my edge, but he stopped without me saying anything.  Damn, L, your ass is on fire.  Before I knew he had even moved, he was behind me and inside me.  I was so wet, his cock went all the way in right away.   

He filled me and rammed into me fast.  He had his fist in my hair and the other hand on my hips, pulling me into him while he came forward into me.  Holy shit, L, you are so wet and so tight.  I was panting and couldn’t do anything except moan.  

I thought he would come inside me from behind, but he flipped me over onto my back then put my legs up onto his left shoulder.  He knelt down as he rammed into me, holding my legs up so I could take all of his cock.  He used his right hand to spank me a few times between thrusts.  He could move his hips so fast, I couldn’t stop myself from coming.  

L, he said, I’m going to come, too, and I want you to come when I do.  I nodded.  He was ramming into me so fast and so deep, I couldn’t stop the next orgasm from coming.  We both cried out and he let my legs fall to the side and he leaned on top of me.  We were both out of breath.

E, I said.  Yes, baby, he said.  I’m not going back.  We laughed.  


Sunday, June 7, 2020

All In

I don’t remember the words I said exactly, but I do remember not using a pleasant tone of voice, and I remember whatever it was, that it didn’t meet at least two of the three criteria I try to use before I say something out loud.  Not just when I am talking to V, but talking with anyone, just to be a decent human - 1)is it necessary, 2)is it nice?, 3)is it true?

V was sitting at the kitchen table, and he grabbed my wrist as I walked over to the sink from the other room.  He held on tight.  At first I thought he was being silly, but then I turned and saw the look on his face.  Pissed.  I think I returned that look with one that was similarly outraged.  Don’t act like you don’t fucking know how you just spoke to me, he said.  I think the blood rushed out of my face, and I started to open my mouth to say something to excuse my behavior.  Before I could say anything, he said, go get the cane.

I knew where the rattan cane was that V kept on top of the bookcase in the living room.  After we had been dating about a week, he told me about corporal punishment that was administered in countries like Singapore.  He said, he thought that was over the top.  However, he showed me his cane, which was maybe half the size of ones they used, and told me that if he had to punish me with his, I would find myself standing during every meeting at work for at least a week, and that I would be cursing him every minute of driving or any other time I had to sit down.  

I had pretty much forgotten about that cane because I didn’t think it would ever come up again.  I’m a kind and honest person, I thought to myself.  But, of course, no one is perfect.

Fuck, I thought.  Last night he spanked me with his hand and with the belt, so my ass was already pretty sore.  I went over to the bookcase and had to stand on my tiptoes to reach the cane.  I felt it and took it down.

He had gotten out a stool and put it in the middle of the kitchen floor.  Up, he said.  I got up on the stool.  It was maybe a foot tall.  Bend over, touch your toes, he said.  I looked at him as if to protest again, and he said, L, in a tone of voice that I knew meant, do not fuck with me.  I bent down to touch my toes.  Legs, straight he said.  I stretched my fingers down and straightened my knees.

He reached up and lifted my skirt up over my back then yanked my panties down to my ankles.  

You’re counting to 50, L.  I argued, 50?!  He hit me once on the back of my thighs and said, L, again, in the tone that I knew I should shut the fuck up.  When he told me about the corporal punishment cane, he said they administer however many strokes “of the best,” meaning, they were very accurate and very hard.  I knew this was going to be 50 “of the best,” except now it was 51 because we hadn’t actually started yet.

I put my head down, straightened my knees and reached my fingertips down.  He hit me very squarely in the middle of my ass, and it felt like a lightning bolt.  One, I said.  Good girl, he said.  He waited maybe a second before he hit me again.  Two.  He kept the strokes coming every 2 to 3 seconds, which was brutal, but I kept telling myself, at that pace it meant the whole thing would be over sooner.  Four.  He started moving the strokes from my ass down the back of my thighs.  I had counted 10 when he was about a third of the way down the back of my legs.  After 11 he started moving back up again.  

Your ass looks fucking amazing, L, he said.  I couldn’t think about that at all because I was just trying not to fall off the stool and not to lose count.  15.  I mean, I don’t ever want you to fucking talk to me like that again, 20, but if you do, these raised red stripes look fucking hot on you, he said.  22.  

I was starting to bend my knees and starting to reach up to grab my ass around 30.  L, he said.  Do you want me to give you extra.  I shook my head no.  Touch your fucking toes.  31.  I was crying out now with every stroke.  I was trying so hard to just keep counting and not move my hands.  

Fucking hell, V, 35.  Do not fucking talk to me like that, L, and this will never have to happen again.  I was crying now, and I couldn’t help but bend my knees after every stroke.  47.  48.  49.  50.  

He caught me before I fell off the stool.  He carried me over to the sofa and laid me on my tummy.  He left the room, but I didn’t fucking care because I didn’t want to see his face.  

A few minutes later, I had stopped crying, and he came and sat next to me on the ottoman by the sofa.  He had brought me a glass of cold water which I drank in one gulp.  Then he lifted my skirt up onto my back and started rubbing my ass with some almond oil.  Damn, babe.  You are marked up.  I moaned.  What he was doing now felt amazing.

Do you remember what you said to me now, he asked?  I didn’t want to tell him no, but I didn’t want to lie either.  No, I don’t, I said.   But I quickly said, but I do remember how I said it, and I remember it wasn’t a necessary or nice thing to say.  That is true, he said.  The details don’t matter if you remember that, he said.

He rubbed my ass then moved down my legs, between my legs, then up my inner thighs.  L, you look so fucking hot.  I turned onto my side.  Fuck, that was ouch.  Nope, I said.  I got down on my knees on the floor and put my head in his lap.  I stayed there for a few minutes and just breathed in his scent.  He smelled clean, but he also had the smell that guys have after sex.  I was already so wet of course, but breathing him in made me wetter.

I started to unbutton and unzip his pants.  L, you don’t have to, he said.  I didn’t say anything, just kept trying to get his pants down.  He laughed and stood up briefly so I could pull them down far enough to reveal his very hard cock.  

I grabbed it with one hand to put it in my mouth then grabbed the bottom of his ass with my other hand.  My nose was still kind of stuffy from crying, so it was hard to get a big enough breath in to get more of his cock into my mouth.  I licked it with my mouth open and then closed my lips around it to lick it again.  He moaned and started moving my head in closer.  L, he moaned again.  Babe, he said.  He was starting to breath fast.  I started moving my head in and out faster, trying to get more of his cock in my mouth.  He seemed like he was about to come when he picked me up by my upper arms and landed me back on his lap.  His cock went right inside me, and I was grinding on him, riding him back and forth.  I was so wet. 

He buried his face in my neck, biting me and kissing me.  Oh, L, he moaned into my ear.  He came inside me, then I came.  I stayed in his lap while we breathed in sync with each other, slowly returning to normal. 

He took in a deep breath.  I love you, he said.  I was surprised to hear him say that for the first time to me, but I didn’t hesitate at all.  I love you, too.

Getting Darker

        I went straight to V’s after work.  He had said he would make dinner for me.  I knocked on the door.  He didn’t answer.  I knocked again, this time louder, and with a little rhythm.  No answer. I tried the doorknob. It was unlocked.  I walked in, hello, V?  He didn’t answer, but I walked in slowly.  He was standing in the kitchen leaning up against the counter.  

I walked up to him.  He gave me a hug and kiss.  Hey, babe, he said.  Hi, I said.  Your door was unlocked, I said..  Yeah, he said.  How are you? I asked.  

He looked serious.  He was holding me by my waist but backed me up from him a bit.  L, do you know what a punishment spanking is?  I didn’t say anything.  Shit, what did I do? I thought.  I think all the blood rushed out of my face.  Before I could answer, he took a deep breath in through his nose and said, you’d better be naked on the bench in the bedroom in five minutes.  Then he let go of me and turned towards the sink.

Fuck.  I went to the bathroom and got undressed.  I think I was on the bench within two minutes.  He kept me sitting there for at least 10, I guessed to remember why I needed to be punished, or to calm himself down, or both..  

He came into the bedroom and went straight to the closet.  He got out a paddle and brought it over and got down next to my ear.  Do you know what this is, L?  I could see it was a clear paddle about 18 inches long, maybe 2 inches wide, and a half inch thick.  I didn’t say anything before he said, did you have lunch at your office today like you told me you were going to?  Shit.  I didn’t have a chance to explain before he said, no, you didn’t.  C saw you eating lunch with some guy, and you were not at your office.  

I still didn’t say anything.  Do you think I give a shit if you eat lunch out with some guy, he asked? I stay quiet. No, I don’t, he said.  Dο you think I give a fuck whether you lie to me, he asked?  Yes, I give a fuck, he said..  

I had told V I was going to work through lunch at my office, but my boss asked me to meet a client at a restaurant about 30 minutes before I was supposed to be there.  But, I still didn’t say anything because I didn’t think this was the time to try to explain this to V.

This punishment is going to help you remember to never fucking lie to me, he said.  OK?  I nodded.  He walked back behind me and stuck a stiff pillow under my hips to tilt my ass up and higher off the bench.  Fuck.  I had never been spanked with a lexan paddle before, but I knew it would hurt.  A lot.

He started spanking me. Hard.  Crack.  I didn’t say anything, but I breathed in fast. wincing with each blow.  Crack.  Crack.  He kept at it, not fast, and not slow, but like a metronome that was setting my ass on fire.  Fuck!  I said out loud.  Crack.  Crack.  He didn’t say anything, just kept at it.   Crack.  Crack.  I started crying.  Crack.  Crack.  I’m sorry, I said.  Crack.  Crack.  I started wiggling around.  Crack.  Crack. He put his hand on my low back.  Don’t move, L.  Crack. You have 5 more, he said.  He kept the same pace, same intensity.  Crack. I started sobbing.  Crack.  Crack. I cried out with each stroke.  Crack.  Crack.  He stopped and put the paddle down on the bed.  He came up to me, picked me up, and laid me down on the bed on my tummy.

He was gently rubbing my ass.  I’m sorry, I said.  I wasn’t trying to lie to you, I said.  I was still sobbing, and I started to tell him the story.  Sh, he said.  We can talk about it later, he said.  He was being so gentle and sweet, now.  The serious and stoic had disappeared.  I started to calm down, and I stopped crying.  Even though that spanking hurt like hell, I was so fucking wet.

We laid there for a few minutes and he turned me onto my side.  He kissed me, and pulled me close.  I was so relieved he was not still angry and kissed him back so hungrily.  Then I pulled back and looked down at his crotch.  He let me unbutton and unzip his jeans, and his hard cock popped out over the top.  I moved myself down to put his cock in my mouth, and he laid down on his back.  I got on top of him and pulled his jeans down.  I ran my hands all around the inside of thighs, outside of his quads, and on his belly while I took his cock in my mouth.  I was so hungry for him.  He took my head and pushed it down so I could get more of him into my mouth.  Oh, L, he moaned.  I moaned, too.  I wanted to please him so badly, and I wanted his cock in my mouth.  He started lifting his hips to meet my mouth, grinding up and down.  I didn’t think I could stand it any more, then he sat up and flipped me over onto my hands and knees.  He took my hips and rammed me down onto his cock.  I was so wet, and I wanted him to fuck me so badly.  He held my hips tight and moved me up and down onto his cock hard and fast.  I cried out.  He came inside me at the same time I came.  He held me there down on him for a few minutes.  

Jesus, L, he said. I wasn’t going to fuck you, but you are so fucking hot.  He pulled out of me and we laid down face to face on the bed.  I closed my eyes and was trying to slow my breathing.  You are so fucking hot, I said.

We fell asleep with our arms and legs wrapped around each other.  We didn’t wake up until about 8, and we were both starving.  Dinner, he asked?  Definitely, I said.    


     I had been asleep for an hour or two when I woke up to R grabbing my ankles and pulling me to the foot of the bed. I had been sleeping ...